The 4 Month Refresh is now 6 Months!!

New timeline, new name: The Refresh

I did not extend this program because I want more from you.

I extended this program because you deserve more from me!

After running this program with some fantastic groups of people, I learned that you need MORE. More time, accountability, more chances to fall off and then catch back up. I’m seeing that people are thriving from participating in this simple and consistent online program. The accountability is working and I want to see these new health habits last for you for the long run. With this longer program you won't have more work to do. You'll have more TIME.

Because it takes time and support to build lifelong health habits.

If this sounds like you I FEEL you!

  • You want to feel good in your own skin. 

  • You are sick of meal planning

  • You rarely have a chunk of time to yourself to exercise OR get anything else done.

  • You are tired of wellness programs that don’t take the challenges of early parenthood or the reality of feeding a family into account.

  • You are DONE setting goals that are difficult to reach and feel unattainable, leading you to feeling discouraged.  

  • You don’t know how to set little picture or progress goals but you know that setting big broad goals isn’t working for you. 

  • Sometimes you feel totally on track and other times you feel stuck, overwhelmed or unmotivated.

Fad diets work but are unsustainable and impersonal.   

Beth will help you find solutions that work for YOU for the long term.

  • Feel like yourself again.

  • Feel good about how your body looks and feels.

  • Run after your kids or run up the stairs without huffing and puffing.

  • Make mealtime and prep easier.
  • Discover healthy meal and snack ideas that can appeal to small children AND adults!


Food & fitness doesn't need to take up a lot of your time.

You deserve a program that you can keep up with.

Find simple solutions that fit easily into your busy day!

  • Finally have a routine that's the right fit for you.

  • Be able to maintain meal prep and healthy habits at home long term.

  • Learn easy and quick exercises you can do while keeping kiddo entertained or involved.

  • Have a fitness routine that you can do without much equipment.

I’d love to invite you to join this program >>> Sign up right now!

This is a COMPREHENSIVE program. It is rare to find a one stop shop for EXPERT fitness and nutrition guidance with group support provided IN REAL TIME by a fellow-parent-in-the-trenches. 


Fill your toolbox with practical, simple solutions that have huge long term impact.


Find your rhythm, squeeze in a simple workout or quickly throw together a healthy meal for yourself and your family, even with kiddo underfoot!

What you'll get 

  • 24/7 access to videos and tips - Never worry about missing a session!

  • Frequent mini challenges - So that you have something simple to do each day to improve your energy and mood!

  • Private office hours with Beth - So that you never get stuck!

  • Weekly group Zoom calls-  Gain the support of a community and get to know other mamas in the same position as you! Can't make the time? Replays will be available within 24 hours.

  • Private Facebook group: Where you can update us on your mini challenges, chat with each other and ask Beth questions, anytime!  

  • Grocery lists with simple recipe ideas - Reduce your mental load for food shopping!

  • Mini exercise routines - Get your body moving even if you have minimal time, space or equipment.

  • Plus Plan mambers: Virtual personal training sessions - Get more one-on-one time with Beth!

  • Modules include:  Eating/moving well in times of COVID, Feeling better energy and mood with minimal effort. Finding solutions when there is just no time. Balanced nutrition. Family nutrition and fitness. Getting the kids involved & more solutions for busy parents. How to set long term health habits in place.


Join in our first year and you'll get this program for less than 50% of the true value.

Prices will NOT be this low again! 

The Basic Plan: 

Valued at $2,150.

2020 price is just $899

The Plus Plan: 

Valued at $3,914. 

2020 price is just $1,599.

You may be able to apply funds from your HSA to cover your costs. Check with your insurance company for more information.

Debating the cost? Think of it this way. This program allows you to pause all of your other fitness and nutrition memberships... everything you need is right here! 

The true value of this program:

+ 6 months of weekly group zoom calls with Beth including nutrition education, an action plan and group counseling - a $720 value 

+ Opportunity for 20 minute motivation sessions with Beth up to twice per month - a $180 value

+ Access to all live workouts and a workout video library - a $350 value

+ Grocery lists and recipes - a $300 value

+ Private Facebook group with direct access to Beth and a private support group - a $300 value

+ Opportunity for daily guidance, motivation and inspiration - a $300 value 

+ And for PLUS PLAN members: Six 30-minute virtual personal training sessions per month - a $1,764 value 

Your payment options:


Basic Plan:

+Pay monthly at $165/month

+Pay in full at $899

Plus Plan:

+ Pay in full at $1,599

Money Back Guarantee:

You have 7 days from the start of the program to decide it is not the right fit for you. 

A happy customer once said:

"So much of the fitness and wellness world can just seem overwhelming and out of reach for a busy mom of young children. 90 minutes for yoga? Heck no, I’m lucky to get a 5 minute shower! My New York Times recipe following days are in the past (or distant future). It is in this space of limited time and days full of chicken nuggets that Beth meets us where we ARE. She gets it. And she welcomes us to thrive. ALL of her workouts can involve kids present. And yes, there is a delightful chaos to that, but none of it phases Beth! In her nutrition counseling, Beth offers simple solutions with huge impact -- incorporating more veggies (precut, mixes, frozen) food to please the whole family, and time saving strategies. Her instagram has a wealth of delicious and healthy snacks, shopping tips and meal prep that’s beyond the fridge shots of Tupperware! Beth is a magnetic force! Not only do you want to be around her but she is constantly connecting mompreneurs in her expansive network. She is a fantastic asset to our community." - (Steph K, a prenatal and postpartum fitness and nutrition client)

Hi, Beth here!

Reading messages like the one you just saw brings me so much joy. Since becoming a dietitian and fitness trainer it has been my mission to make health habits feel accessible to busy and overwhelmed people. And once I became a mom I discovered that parents need this SO SO much! Spare time? What's that!?


Yes I do have the degrees, but I leaned on my actual life experience to develop this program. I am a mother to a very picky two year old and an aunt to many, including a 7 and 6 year old who I’ve cared for and shared many, many, many meals with.  I am a wife to a husband who has less interest in healthy eating and is a somewhat pickier eater than I am. I am a daughter to a mother who experienced breast cancer twice and a father who continually asks me exercise questions for reducing back pain and blood pressure. I understand the struggle of having NO TIME for self-care. I can cite many ways that I don’t feel like my old pre-baby self and I can also cite the many little things I've done to feel like myself again in the midst of early motherhood chaos :)

Join this program and we can talk about all of this and so much more. I can't wait to meet you!

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