Dietitian in your Kitchen

Food Prep Assistance 

"I buy groceries with good intentions but then half of the food goes bad before I get a chance to cook. I throw away too much food!"

"I'm just too busy to even think about cooking, I wish I had the time."

"I'm having a brand new baby and I know I'm going to need help with food!"

Sound familiar? Then this package is for you.

How it works:

1. Meet Beth for a one hour nutrition session. Set goals and leave with a pre-filled and personalized Instacart or Amazon grocery delivery cart.

2. You can schedule your in-home session immediately, or you can go about your life until you need the help. If you are having a baby, have the baby!

3. When you are ready for the in-home session contact Beth to schedule.

4. Order your groceries to be delivered the day prior to your session. Get your tupperware ready!

5. Beth will arrive and will spend approximately 2 hours with you in your kitchen preparing your food and discussing healthy nutrition. She will help you maximize the food and the tools in your kitchen so that you are left with organized and ready to eat or heat meals. 

What it costs:

The initial in-office nutrition session is typically covered by your health insurance. The out of pocket cost is $140.

The in-home session may be covered by your insurance but you will need to check with your plan for in-home coverage. The out of pocket cost is $280. 

There is a $25 travel fee outside of South Philadelphia. 

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