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Stability Ball and Stretching Band
Stability Ball and Stretching Band
Fitness with baby or kiddo

Exercise with other parents outdoors or in a child proofed play space. 

All equipment is provided

Babe & Me or Kiddo & Me Strength Classes 

45 minutes of strength training using exercise bands, your body weight, or your baby. 

BYOBaby optional:

Blankets and boppies available for napping babies.

Modifications can be made for baby wearing.

BYOKid optional:

Older kids play with a variety of toys nearby and will always be in your sight-line.

Worried about a runner? You may be pleasantly surprised at just how much your little one enjoys watching you move your body in to funny positions. They might even stick around and participate!

Outdoor workouts:

All ages welcome. If you have a little one, workouts are designed to keep both stroller and mama in motion. Modifications can be made for babywearing or (baby running)!

Class Schedule:

(Click here for the most current schedule)

Tuesdays 10:00am Kiddo & Me Strength Class at Beehive. All ages. 

Thursdays 4:30p Kiddo & Me Strength Class at Beehive*. All ages.

Thursdays 5:30p Prenatal Strength (Kid friendly!) at Beehive*. All ages.

Fridays 10:30am Babe & Me Strength Class at Bok, Suite 508 . Pre-crawlers.

Saturdays 9:30am Stoopside fitness. All ages. Contact for location.

*You do NOT need to be a member at Beehive to attend a class!

$15 single class ~ $60 5-class card ~ $100 10-class card

FYI, it’s OK if you are late!

We are all parents, we get it. Show up when you can,

move as much or as little as you’ve got in you that day.

Get fitness or get fun out of it. Both is good too!