Week 1:


Nutrition happens every day.

Learn the basics to feel satisfied and energized at any postpartum stage.

Fuel up to be the best YOU. Your child’s nutrition matters, but -- much like airline travel -- you can give the best care if you take care of yourself first. During this introductory session, learn how to plan meals and snacks that will leave you feeling satisfied and energized. Dietary concerns for nursing mothers, food intolerances, and people with high blood sugar will be addressed. After this session you will leave with a list of ideas for creating balanced snacks and meals to feel fuller and energized for longer.

Week 2:

Preparing food for mommy & me

Mom-life, the short order cook. How to meet your needs as well as theirs.

Hit two (or three) birds with one stone. Take advantage of the time and effort you spend creating meals for your family. Learn how to healthify and adult-ify a kid friendly meal and vice versa. Nutritional aspects of introducing food to baby will be covered.

After this session you will leave with a list of tricks to give your baby, your kids, and yourself a healthy meal without much added work.

Week 3:

Meal Prep, simplified.

Nutrition for busy people.

Meal prep made easier. Get on nutrition autopilot. Discuss tips and tricks to cut corners for faster meal prep.  After this session you will leave with a grocery list to stock your pantry and freezer as well as a few good recipe ideas for quick snacks and for prep-ahead meals.

Week 4:

Takeout and restaurant dining

Nutrition in the real world. Eating healthy on the go.

Wouldn’t life be perfect if you went to the store every week and spent a few hours doing the food prep to prepare for the week ahead?  Well, sometimes we live in the real world.  Today we discuss how to eat healthy on the go. After this session you will leave with a shopping list for on-the-go snacks and a list of local stores and menu items for fast nutrition.

New Mom Nutrition Series

Your body has been through a lot. You took fantastic care of yourself while your baby was growing inside of you, and now this precious little creature is in your arms. No doubt, you are taking fantastic care of your baby. But don’t forget yourself in the equation! Take some time to learn how to easily incorporate good nutrition in to your hectic days and nights. Eating well can improve your energy, reduce your stress, and clear your mind! Although this series is mom-focused, you are welcome to bring your baby and we will touch on how to combine mom’s nutrition with breastfeeding and introducing solids to baby. You will leave each session with a shopping or resource list for practical and achievable nutrition.

Worried about being late? We understand that life with a small child means you may run behind. Each class will start with 30 minutes of support group style conversation and a light movement routine that you can replicate at home. A 45 minute nutrition instruction will follow. You will leave each week with a shopping list or other resource for practical and achievable nutrition.Babies and partners are welcome.

Upcoming Schedule:

Click the links below, register for a 4 week series or drop in:

Mamas Wellness Joint : November 27th & December 4th, 11th and 18th.

Mamas Wellness Joint : Late Winter/Early Spring 2019

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