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Simple Steps to Feel Your Best:

Food & Fitness for Busy Parents

What is it:

  • 4 days of video mini-classes with my best strategies to start feeling more energized and in control of your wellness.

  • A free workbook to guide you through the series.

  • Support, encouragement and knowledge from me (Beth!) to get you through.'


What You’ll Get:

With your commitment over these four days, you will walk away with:


  1. Increased energy and mood.

  2. Confidence in your ability to make the most of your precious little time for self-care.

  3. Experience with implementing a few simple food & fitness strategies that just FIT, and feel natural and easy to maintain long term.

  4. A peek inside the 4 Month Refresh Program where I help people overcome the overwhelm to find their energy and health. Join us and get a sense of how it feels when you have an expert coach in your corner giving you support, structure and accountability.

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How to Get the Most from This Series

> Watch all 4 video classes

Download and use your workbook along with the series

> Ask questions

> Share your experiences with the mini-challenges in our private Facebook group (and by the way, don’t feel like you can’t share an imperfect experience. It will help the rest of us see that we aren’t alone in our chaos!)

> And above all, do the very best you can

The Refresh

An Online Course

You shouldn’t have to feel like you can’t keep up just because you had a kid!


I’ve been there. Tired all the time, unable to find the energy or motivation to address my own needs. The motherhood struggle is real! Part of my passion for leading these programs is that they hold me as accountable to my wellness as they hold you. 

You need strategies that make it easier to eat well and exercise, to work regular exercise into your life and make healthy food choices based on energy and feeling good.  

Get a step by step plan from an expert who will support you wherever you are on your journey.

Find your food and fitness plan that will work for you for the long term.