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Snack Ideas

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

A healthy snack will keep your energy steady and your taste buds happy. Read on for a list of healthy on-the-go snacks and a rubric you can follow to build your own.

Keep your head clear with these great snacks to maintain hydration:

Easy to eat fruit: berries, pre-sliced oranges

Easy to eat veggies: Sugar snap peas, carrots, mini bell peppers

Leave “emergency” 8 ounce water bottles everywhere

Pack your favorite water bottle or fruit infuser bottle

Get a boost with these great snacks for quick energy:

Easy to eat fruit: berries, bananas, pre-sliced fruit

Rx bar

Whole grain crackers (ex. Triscuits)

Tide yourself over with these great snacks to feel full:

Grass Fed Beef Jerky

Roasted edamame or chickpeas

Cheese stick

100 calorie fruit and nut pack OR ¼ cup homemade nuts and ⅛ c. dried fruit

Build your own balanced snack with this guide:

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