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Nutrition BALANCE

Be balanced. Have energy. Feel good.

Why Balance Matters

Your body likes homeostasis. It prefers internal stability so that it can best compensate for internal changes.

In other words, if your body is in balance you will be able to handle whatever comes your way.

Balanced meals and meal timing matter:

  • Better energy

  • Steady blood sugar

  • Less stress on your pancreas

  • Less stress on your muscle mass

  • Less over-hunger

  • Better mood!

Basics of Balance

Eating Early:

  • Halts the breakdown of muscle for energy

  • Prevents slowing of your metabolic rate

  • Prevents over-hunger later

Eating Often:

  • Controls blood sugar levels

  • Improves concentration and decision making

  • Regulates appetite (less likely to grab whatever is around)

  • Avoid huge swings in hunger and mood

  • Have consistent energy and feel good


  • Each meal and snack should give you a balanced stream of energy (more on this below)


  • Your body is 50-70% water

  • Better function and overall performance

  • Healthy looking skin, hair, and nails

  • Less headaches

  • Body temperature well regulated

  • Weight control

  • Positive mood

  • Good sleep

  • Optimal lactation for nursing mothers

The Makeup of a Balanced Meal/Snack

Carbs + Healthy Fat + Protein + Produce + Satisfied Taste Buds

Carbs: Give you the energy you need right now. Brain power.

Healthy Fat: Literally coats your stomach and slows the release of carb for a steadier stream of energy.

Protein: Provides your stores and energy for later.

Produce: Provides disease preventing fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals. Without produce at every meal you won’t be able to eat enough!

Satisfied Taste Buds: A healthy diet won’t last if you don’t enjoy it.

Balanced Snacks

  • ¼ avocado + ½ c tomato slices + 1 slice whole grain bread + 2 egg whites

  • 10-15 nuts (protein and fat) + ¼ c dried fruit (high-fiber carb)

  • 1 oz 2% fat cheese (protein and fat) + 1 apple or orange (high-fiber carb)

  • 1 Tbsp nut butter (protein and fat) + ½ c celery + 5 whole grain crackers

  • 1 Tbsp hummus (protein and fat) + ½ c carrots + ½ slice whole wheat pita

  • Olive oil + light feta (protein and fat) + cucumber/tomato + white beans (carb and protein)

  • ½ Tbsp seeds (protein and fat) + 1 c veggies + ¼ c quinoa (carb and protein)

  • 3 slices turkey (protein and fat) + 1 c snap peas + whole grain English muffin

  • ½ c ground, grass-fed beef (protein and fat) + tomato sauce with veggies + whole grain flatbread for pizza

  • ¼ avocado, smashed + ½ c chickpeas, smashed (high-fiber carb) + 2 “deviled” eggs

OR pick one from each category and make your own combination:

(but remember, some foods count for two categories)

Balance your dinners

Top your vegetables with pasta instead of topping your pasta with vegetables

  • Mix zoodles in with your noodles.

  • Add white beans for texture, protein, and fiber.

Vegetables aren’t just a side dish, add them everywhere

  • Cook mushrooms with your meat, they’ll absorb the flavor.

  • Have a starch side of rice and veggies mixed together.

  • Then add a side of ANOTHER vegetable.

Are you having a burrito?

  • The burrito wrap is your carb. You don’t need rice as well. Or try a burrito bowl with rice or quinoa instead.

  • Add extra chicken for more protein and veggies for more fiber.

Are you having pasta?

  • The pasta is your carb. You don’t need garlic bread as well.

  • Try a slice of garlicky roasted cauliflower pizza crust on the side.

  • OR try zoodles or spaghetti squash and enjoy the garlic bread.

Are you having a burger?

  • Choose either the bun or the fries.

  • Have roasted asparagus or baked carrot fries on the side. Dip them in ketchup.

Are you having a salad?

  • Remember to have a protein, a healthy fat, and a starch.

  • For example, add egg white, beans, and avocado.

  • OR chicken, olive oil based dressing, and a whole wheat roll.

For more ideas, check out this blog post with 5 quickie recipes and follow Beth on Instagram.

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