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Same Ingredients, Different Meals for Kiddo and Me

Momlife sometimes means being a short order cook. You may have to make different meals for each of your children, you, and your partner. You can simplify meal time and reduce waste by dressing up whatever your picky eater doesn’t eat in a new “outfit” for lunch or dinner--not for them, but for you.

When sharing food with baby, remember:

  • Baby should have much less salt than you!

  • Your child does not need to eat a low fat diet. Fat is GOOD for them.

Easy Adult-ify and Health-ify: Build-your-own style dinners

Add your own pizza toppings: Make homemade pizza for kiddo and use the hot oven to roast veggies. Add them on top of your pizza or enjoy them on the side.

Build your own tacos/quesadillas: You can make your own as a taco salad even

Noodle bar: Provide options for Italian or Asian flavoring. If your kid wants pasta every night, they get to have it more often, while you can change up your flavor profiles

Build your own rice bowl: You can also try quinoa, farro, etc.

Sandwich bar: Make yours a chef’s salad with a roll on the side

Baked potato bar: Include toppings for the kids. Serve yourself half a potato and have a protein on the side such as fish (easy to bake in the oven alongside the potato).

Build your own kabobs

Pita night: Mezze platter, hummus, cheese, pita, veggies, hard boiled egg slices, pickled vegetables

Foods for mom and baby:

  • Tres Black Bean and Sweet Corn Pupusas (Sprouts)

  • Trader Joe’s Spinach and Kale Bites

  • Organic squeeze pouches marketed for adults

  • Refrigerated infant squeeze pouches

One ingredient, two recipes:

Heat up a plate of beans and frozen vegetables for you. Then, smush some of the microwaved beans and roll them into a ball with almond butter for baby.

Next time you open a can of tuna or salmon for yourself, set aside a few tablespoons for your little one. Mix their portion with cheese and heat in the microwave for 20 seconds. The cheese acts as a binder so little fingers can practice picking them up.

Nutrition tip: Always choose Chunk Light Tuna. It has almost three times less mercury than solid albacore. According to the Environmental Defense Fund, children under 6 years old can safely eat up to 9oz of chunk light tuna per month (compared to only 3oz of white albacore tuna!).

Make-ahead and easy to freeze/reheat egg muffins provide excellent protein, vitamins, and minerals for a quick bite for you, and an easy soft snack for babe. Make a few salt- and veggie-free for baby, and add whatever veggies and seasoning you have handy to the rest.

Make chickpea peanut butter balls for baby (be sure to use maple syrup instead of honey). Add chocolate chips and roll em up for all the grownups.

For more ideas:

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  • Cookbooks: Meal Makeover Moms “No Whine with Dinner”

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