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Wedding Wellness

Achieve a wedding day glow from the inside out. Use these nutrition goals to amp up your energy and fall in love with how your body feels and looks.

A dietitian can help you customize your needs and learn how to incorporate these guidelines into what you are already doing. Book a nutrition appointment with Beth to learn more.

And remember, weddings are stressful. Treat yourself kindly.

Your Wedding Wellness Strategy

Every day:

  • Use these personalized goals to eat a balanced diet to feel and look good on your wedding day and every day.

  • Move your body, skip the bus and walk. Or maybe do something that makes you sweaty.

Every week:

  • Stress less about meal prep. Use the grocery list and quickie recipes provided on the blog.

  • Stress less in general. Have you downloaded a meditation app? Been to yin yoga class? Had downtime with your partner?

Every… whenever:

  • Treat yourself. Choose a restaurant and menu item from this guide to enjoy on a date night or as a snack while playing hooky from work. There’s even a Wawa guide!

Here’s to a happy and healthy wedding day!

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