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Beth and her team are more than just your nutritionist or fitness coaches-- They are advocates and supporters for your wellness. And they understand that challenges (the overwhelm!) you are facing.  They are here for you every step of the way.  

The Refresh: Online Group Program

Introducing The Refresh, the online group program to help you fit in exercise and eat better - while being a parent.

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Nutrition Counseling

Insurance based - Whether you are dealing with a health condition or are simply interested in feeling more empowered in your diet. 

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Fitness Classes and Coaching 

Personal training and virtual classes for parents with their kids. (And for Philadelphia locals, outdoor Kiddo & Me classes).

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Employee Wellness

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Beth Auguste

Dietitian, Nutritionist, Fitness Coach


Hi! I'm Beth. Founder of Be Well with Beth and The Refresh program. And I am so happy that you are here.


Your wellness is my passion. As a busy mama to two young kids, I understand how difficult it can be to maintain healthy habits when you have many competing priorities. And I know that you need smart, accessible solutions that fit into your unique lifestyle. You need innovative ideas to move you closer to your health goals. And you need support on that journey.

I’m more than your nutritionist or fitness trainer-- I’m an advocate and supporter for your wellness. I am here for you every step of the way.


More About Me

Join The Refresh -  you are so ready to have a routine that  feels right for you. 

Join this community where Beth, her team and your peers help you create a long lasting food & fitness routine so you can feel your best (and have energy to keep up with all.the.things that your kids, house, work, family and LIFE need from you!)

Refresh your Mind

Reframe your wellness mindset and discover your healthy autopilot.

Get Nutrition Inspiration 

Meals on the table and snacks in your bag that you and your family feed good about.

Find your Fitness Fit

Let go of the all or nothing - Make fitness feel like a doable part of your day.

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And you will get

  • Bite sized nutrition, fitness or mindset challenges to work on each week to improve your energy and mood!
  • A community to support you and an expert in your corner.
  • Tons of accountability! 
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"Beth is so easy to connect with and trust, and it's due to her expertise being rooted in experience - both professionally and as a busy parent herself!"


"In addition to being friendly and super-approachable, Beth taught me a new way to think about food as fuel. It's not about deprivation, it's about portion and quality."

"She has inspired me to take better care of myself in aspects of my life that go way beyond nutrition. Because of her I've learned to put boundaries with my kids at home, and have become my own advocate to get enough sleep, time to myself and good nutrition."

"Beth was very good at making me develop very specific steps to achieve my goals. I like that we had concrete plans and not just vague ideas of what to do."


"I love meeting with Beth because she is down to earth and not rigid. She gets that people make mistakes in their diet and is all about trying to get you on the right path."


"Best thing I’ve gained from this program. Being able to recognize when my body doesn’t feel good and actually do something about it.” 

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