About Me


Hi! I’m Beth, a South Philly-based registered dietitian/nutritionist, certified women’s fitness specialist and board-certified specialist in obesity and weight management. I’m also a mom who juggles maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle while chasing an adorable but exhausting toddler and running a business.


Before life got complicated I was able to easily put nutrition and fitness first. After the pressures of career, marriage, house, and family came into play, I learned how difficult it can be to maintain healthy habits with so many competing priorities. Managing multiple responsibilities while balancing my self-care in a way that didn’t feel overwhelming was challenging. I realized the need for and value of community and support systems to nurture our desire for healthy living in the midst of our busy lives.


And thus, Be Well with Beth was born!


That experience helped me understand that nutrition and healthcare advice can’t happen in a vacuum. It needs to meet you where you are and integrate creative, effective solutions that fit into even the busiest schedule.


I’m more than your nutritionist-- I’m an advocate and supporter for your wellness. I am here for you every step of the way. I’m passionate about helping my clients maintain a healthy lifestyle through the challenges of new parenthood and the hectic schedules of our everyday lives.

Education and Credentials


  • Master of Science in Nutrition from Boston University

  • Clinical dietetic internship completed at Lahey Clinic, a Tufts teaching hospital

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Emory University

  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

  • Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist

  • Board Certified Specialist in Obesity and Weight Management

  • NASM Women's Fitness Specialist

  • 8 years certified as an ACE personal trainer


  • Support for Women Achieving Cardiovascular Health Through Exercise And Nutrition (SWAN) Study Pilot. Conn Med. 2016 Feb;80(2):69-74.

Talks Given

  • Eating for reduced stress

  • Heart Healthy Nutrition

  • Congestive Heart Failure Nutrition

  • Weight Management Nutrition

  • Takeout and Restaurant Dining

  • Planning and Prep: How to get a meal on the table quickly

  • Navigating the grocery store

  • New Mom Nutrition


The Be Well with Beth Approach

Your health is my passion. You need smart, accessible solutions that fit into your unique lifestyle. You need innovative ideas to move you closer to your health goals. And you need support on that journey. I’ve designed a unique approach that keeps this in mind and sets you up for success with:


    • Customized solutions to meet your lifestyle

    • Reasonable, collaborative, and realistic goal-setting

    • Encouraging, approachable, support with no judgment!


I've been told that my sessions can feel like therapy. So if you want a side of encouragement with your nutrition advice or fitness class then you've found the right person!

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