What if you could start feeling like a h

What if you could start feeling like a healthier you in

just 5 minutes per day?

In just 5 minutes, these daily sessions will help you create a doable food & fitness routine so you can feel your best (and have energy to keep up with all.the.things that your kids, house, work, family and LIFE need from you!)


How it works:

1. Get a daily video and/or audio link right in your inbox

2. Tune in for 5 minutes 

3. Get one simple action step you can do along with a special download to help you complete your task.

4. Start to feel GOOD, more energized and in control of your wellness. Right away!

reality check

Daily action prompts you can actually cross off your to do list.

Eat Healthy

Recipe inspiration and grocery lists to make healthy eating a breeze.

get moving

Simple exercise routines you can do any time, anywhere.

get community

Connection with a community of other parents in your same shoes AND with an expert and fello parent-in-the-trenches.

You deserve a Refresh!
Stop putting yourself last and get started building your healthy autopilot - your health routine that FITS (even when it feels like you have no bandwidth).

Roisin, mom of 2 toddlers

Thanks Beth this has been such a great mini series full of inspiration and expert advice! Did a 30 min exercise vid today for the first time in weeks so think these 4 days really got me in the zone again!" - Roisin

Michele, mom of 1 tween

I love your mini refreshes.  The lives are just the right amount of time to fit into your day and the takeaways are huge!  Thank you

Mistie, mom of 1 baby

I’m in! I was listening to the mini-series challenge yesterday and my husband started laughing and said it really sounded like you were talking about me. How can I not join when it fits so perfectly


Beth Auguste

Dietitian, Nutritionist, Fitness Trainer, Mama.

Hi! I'm Beth. Founder of Be Well with Beth and The Refresh program. And I am so happy that you are here.

Your wellness is my passion. As a busy pregnant mama to one energetic three year old, I understand how difficult it can be to maintain healthy habits when you have many competing priorities. And I know that you need smart, accessible solutions that fit into your unique lifestyle. You need innovative ideas to move you closer to your health goals. And you need support on that journey.

I’m more than your nutritionist or fitness trainer-- I’m an advocate and supporter for your wellness. I am here for you every step of the way.

I'd also love to introduce you to Anna, my newest member of the team and a co-coach for your Refresh experience. Scroll down for more!


Get to know Beth and Anna.

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