What if you could fit exercise in and eat better - while being a parent?

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You want to feel good...


...But right now you


😨 Make breakfast for the kids and not yourself, so you wind up eating ⅓ of a leftover bagel and 4 bites of discarded smushed fruit. And then you wonder why you have low energy or are starving by lunch time?


😨 Buy all of the groceries and have grand plans to cook them but they wind up sitting in your fridge going bad before you get to them.


😨 Set aside a time chunk to exercise but then all of a sudden the day is over.


😨 Make plans to put yourself first and get "back to normal" but something always seems to come up to throw you off track.


😰 Just want it to feel easier to feel healthy. 


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You're so ready to...


✨ Finally have a routine that feels right for you..

Feel good in your own skin.

✨ Set a great example for your family.

✨ Have an easier time getting meals on the table that you AND your family feel good about.

✨ Make fitness feel like a doable part of your day.

✨ Be part of something where there is a common understanding that you can't put in 100% effort 100% of the time. Because let's face it, that's a tough goal for a parent!

✨ Feel like it's OK to let go of the all or nothing. Recognize that some weeks you'll feel stuck, overwhelmed or unmotivated and other weeks you'll feel on top of the world.

✨ Join an evidence-based and solution-focused program built by a registered dietitian and fitness specialist who's been doing this work with clients for over 10 years!

It's time to make yourself a priority. 

Here's what you'll get:

  • 6 months of community and connection. So you have time to let life happen, with us by your side.

  • Bite sized nutrition, fitness or mindset challenges - So that you have something simple to work on each week to improve your energy and mood!

  •  24/7 access to videos, short clips and tips - Do things on your own time!

  • Tons of accountability -  from other participants AND from private chats with Beth.

  • Mini exercise routines - Get your body moving even if you have minimal time, space or equipment.

  • Grocery lists with simple recipe ideas - Reduce your mental load for food shopping!

  • Community in a Private WhatsApp group - Where you can update us on your mini challenges, chat with each other and ask Beth questions, anytime!

  • Optional: Plus Plan: Virtual personal training sessions - Get more one-on-one time with Beth! (paid separately).

  • Optional: Individual nutrition counseling - Private hour(s) with Beth to focus on your specific dietary needs. (paid separately).

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I've got just the thing.


Introducing The Refresh, the 6 month program to help you fit in exercise and eat better - while being a parent.

Get achievable nutrition & fitness guidance IN REAL TIME from a supportive expert and a fellow-parent-in-the-trenches. 

You deserve to feel better! Join this program and find your health routine that FITS.

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It is in the title - refreshed! Not even joking! I feel like I have hit refresh on my life, I have energy, feel physically better (less bloated, less sore, no headaches), have less anxiety and am mentally more clear than I was 4 months ago. I can't recommend this program enough - I wish I could gift it to every momma I know!



I was like, 'I don't know, 6 months is a long time', now that I'm in the program I'm like "ok can we stay forever!"


I've had an ah ha moment... I'm 38, this is the first time I've ever felt like I am eating in a healthy way. I've dieted before. i've eaten vegetables. But never in a healthy mindset kind of way. It's a retrain of your brain."

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What happens each week? Each month?  

Once a week:

Spend 5 minutes on the app to get your action step for the week. (No need to do extra prep!)

👯 🗣 Join a private group chat to get support from Beth along with your community. Do it all on your own time.

📝 Optional: Access sooooooo many bonus resources in your app so you can get workout ideas, grocery lists, recipe inspo, and more!


Once a month:

🖐 Meet with Beth for a private 20 minute office hours session - scheduled at your convenience. Beth will guide you on how to make the most of your Refresh resources.

🥘 👩‍🍳 Join a meal-prep-together zoom call - where you'll chat with your new friends while doing some meal prep together 

💪 Optional: Meet with Beth for private nutrition counseling or personal training.

You need a program that helps you feel better than you thought possible - while being a parent.


Get achievable nutrition & fitness guidance in REAL TIME from a supportive expert and a fellow parent-in-the-trenches.

You deserve to feel better!

Join this program and find your health routine that FITS.

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Weighing the cost?

The true value of this 6 month program:

  • Access to Beth 24/7 in your private group chat. Trade voice memos and get personalized support. - $920 
  • Private monthly office hours with Beth - $360
  • A workout video library with bite sized workouts you can do any where (includes prenatal!) -  $350
  • Recipes, grocery lists, snack ideas and nutrition tips for you and your kids - $600
  • Your own personalized app where everything is at your fingertips - $100
  • Exclusively for PLUS PLAN members: Six 30-minute virtual personal training sessions per month - $2,160 

Thinking about the plus plan? Get a $4,390 value for just $2,670.

Join the basic program: valued at $2,230  but you'll pay just $1,200 for the full 6 months.

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