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A 5 Day Wellness Event for Your Team 

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 A virtual wellness event that will inspire your employees to feel and be their best.


Why your team needs this:

  • Because they need a boost. They need to get motivated to do something that they will actually have the time and desire to complete, leading to improved outcomes. 
  • Because they want to have a reason to connect with each other. They'll end the week with a more energy and connection than ever before.
  • Research suggests that employee satisfaction can be greatly enhanced when wellness is prioritized in the workplace.
  • Give your team an energy boost with simple strategies they can do during the work day that will increase productivity and contribute to a happier and healthier workplace.


What happens during this one week wellness event:


Monday through Thursday

  • Each morning
    • Participants will be invited to watch a 5 minute video introducing the theme of the day.
    • An action prompt will be provided along with a special resource for completing that prompt.
    • Participants are encouraged to connect with one another in a group chat.
  • We will provide you with a visual graphic that you can post as well as a call to action to invite your participants to be active in the conversation. (You may incentivize this with a random prize drawing at the end of the week. For example, each time a participant comments or posts in the group conversation is another entry to the contest).
    • CTA may include: 
      • Share a photo to show us that you completed today’s action step.
      • Share a link to your favorite ______ (mindfulness podcast/ water bottle/ snack holder/ lunch box/ etc).
      • Comment on somebody else’s post.


  • Participants will join a “coffee chat” on zoom or in person, at your discretion. 
  • The first 20 minutes will be a pre-recorded video where Beth will summarize the week and offer insights and best practices for maintaining your wellness moving forward. 
  • A list of conversation prompts will be provided. Your team will be responsible for leading a discussion with meeting attendees. (We can join you live for an additional fee.) 


Topics Include:



  • Topic: Mindful Monday 
  • Video: Why mindfulness is good for our health. 
  • CTA: Mindfulness podcast share (what's your favorite podcast). Take some time to listen to a new podcast today or try the breathing exercise in your attached resource. 
  • Resource: A list of podcast recs along with a pretty visual they can print out and put around the office or house to remind them to do a breathing exercise. 



  • Topic: Hydration
  • Video: Why hydration helps you be a better you and how to find your gateway hydration method.
  • CTA: Favorite water bottle/cup share (what’s your favorite and why?). Don’t have a favorite, what did you think of when I shared about finding your gateway water bottle?
  • Resource: Finding your gateway water bottle. 



  • Topic: Walking meeting Wednesday
  • Video: Why walking is good for you.. Why you don’t need to guilt yourself into jogging. Why small and frequent breaks are great for a productive work day.
  • CTA: Take a walking meeting today and share a photo of your surroundings as proof! Raining? Try getting up and pacing around during a meeting or between meetings. 
  • Resource: Mini movement reminders that you can paste around your office space. 



  • Topic: Balance your energy with balanced nutrition 
  • Video: How to balance your energy with balanced nutrition. 
  • CTA: Don’t skip meals or snacks today. Eat early and eat often. Then share a photo with us of a snack that you enjoyed. OR share a resource that you enjoy like a favorite tupperware for your snacks.
  • Resource: Bento Box nutrition handout. 



  • Topic: Reflection 
  • Video: 20 minute video about why this week was a kick start but how it can be challenging to maintain momentum. How to pick one small step to implement at a time to build up your wellness routine. Encouragement to move away from the all or nothing. Encouragement to focus on the boulders before the pebbles, make sure you are hydrating, moving your body, sleeping well, eating often, before you stress about all the fad messaging out there. 
  • CTA: Join us for a discussion that will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to continue working on your wellness. 
  • Resource: A list of conversation prompts about your wellness.  



  1. Four 5-minute videos introducing the theme and action prompt for the day with a reminder to participate in the group conversation. This will help build your team relationships and connections. 
  2. One 20 minute video to provide prompts for the Friday coffee chat.
  3. A list of conversation prompts for the Friday coffee chat. 
  4. Five visual graphics, each with one action prompt and CTA.
  5. Five unique resource materials, one per day. 

Cost: $2,000.00 USD

Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to create a personalized package or if you would like to have us available live to lead the conversation.


About Beth:

Beth Auguste MS RDN CSOWM WFS is a registered dietitian nutritionist, certified women’s fitness specialist and board-certified specialist in obesity and weight management. She's also a mom who juggles maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle while chasing two adorable but exhausting kids and running a business. 


Beth understands that nutrition and healthcare advice can’t happen in a vacuum. Life will always get in the way of the perfect routine. Her recommendations meet you where you are and integrate creative, effective solutions that fit into even the busiest schedule. She is more than your nutritionist-- she's an advocate and supporter for your wellness. 


Beth holds a masters in nutrition from Boston University, a bachelors in psychology from Emory University. She owns Be Well with Beth, a fitness and nutrition company that works with parents of young children to navigate their wellness. Her services include private nutrition counseling, virtual personal training and an online group program called The Refresh.


How to contact: [email protected]


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