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If you are pregnant, postpartum, or have young-ish kids and want to feel like the healthiest version of you then you are in the right spot!


You've found yourself a long term wellness consultant around pregnancy, birth and beyond.


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Hi! I'm Beth Auguste, MS RDN CSOWM WFS.

What the letters behind my name mean: MS RDN (masters level registered dietitian nutritionist), CSOWM (board certified specialist in obesity and weight management) and WFS (certified women's fitness specialist with the national academy of sports medicine).


 When I became pregnant with my first child in 2018, I discovered that the personal trainers who I'd worked alongside, the people who had a masters degrees in exercise physiology, had only spent an hour or two learning about prenatal exercise the entire time they were in school. 


This was my first of many ah ha moments. 


There is SO MUCH that happens to your body when you are pregnant and postpartum, and until recently I couldn't seem to find anybody else out there who really specialized in working with this important population.


Don't even get me started on what I realized after I had my babies and couldn't keep up with my own nutrition and wellness needs -- even when I'd spent almost a decade preaching this stuff!

(Okay, do get me started, but let's save it for when we chat IRL). 


Alas, I became passionate about helping people in the prenatal and postpartum period because I went through it myself, and it was haaaard!


Beyond my OBGYN, Pediatrician and lactation support, I didn't know where to find the right type of experts to help me through the process. 


And if you feel the same. I've got you. 


I am here to help you with your nutrition, fitness and wellness mindset. (Both when you are pregnant, and well beyond in to the pull-your-hair-out parenting years). And I'm also here to direct you to the other magical perinatal providers in my network.


Keep reading to find out what I can do for you:



If you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant:


🌱 A little something for you! Download this free prenatal fitness and nutrition guide.

 🌱 Sign up for prenatal virtual personal training with Beth. 

 🌱 Meet with Beth for Prenatal Nutrition Counseling (likely covered by your insurance!)


  What Happens in Prenatal Nutrition Counseling: (Read about general nutrition counseling here).

  • At your Intake Session:
    • We'll plan for your healthy pregnancy. 
    • Your first session can happen pre-conception or post-conception, really any time you make it here is a great time to start 👌
    • If your intake happens during weeks 8-12, the first thing we'll do is give you permission to be nauseous and eat alllll the carbs
    • At this session we'll review your full health, diet and exercise history. I will help you set a few priority goals and we will also make a bigger picture plan for your pregnancy and beyond. 
  • Pregnancy Weeks 12-27
    • This varies by person. We'll schedule nutrition sessions as needed.
  • Pregnancy Weeks 27-32
    • Check in.
    • Review results of blood glucose tolerance test.
    • Set new goals as needed.
  • Pregnancy weeks 32-36
    • Planning for a healthy 4th trimester
  • Postpartum 3-6 weeks
    • We'll meet (virtually!) to support you as you figure out how to take care of a new baby AND yourself.
    • (psst, this is my favorite session. I get to see you and your beautiful new baby and I get to share my love and support while you go through a really difficult transition).



If you had the baby! You are Postpartum and in the 4th trimester:


🌱 A little something for you! Download this free postpartum nutrition guide.  

🌱 Sign up for postpartum virtual personal training with Beth. 

🌱  If you live near South Philly you can join Beth with your. baby for postpartum friendly exercise classes. Click here for our current schedule or here to get an alert when the schedule changes. (Schedule not working for you? If you have a group ready for a teacher, Beth can come to you!).

 🌱 Meet with Beth for Postpartum Nutrition Counseling (likely covered by your insurance).


What Happens in Postpartum Nutrition Counseling(Read about general nutrition counseling here).

  • If you haven't had an Intake Session yet, we'll start there:
    • We'll review your health, diet and exercise history as well as your current routine. It'll probably look a lot different than it did before baby arrived!
    • Most importantly. I'll meet you where you are (metaphorically speaking). Together we'll come up with solutions that feel attainable during this chaotic period of your life.
  • All follow up visits are tailored specifically to you. They may include:
    • Filling your instacart with easy to eat foods
    • Making a list of meal delivery programs that will work for you.
    • Connecting you with local resources for meal delivery and more.
    • Giving you recipes that you can share with friends and family who want to make you something special.
    • Nutritional guidance tailored specifically for c-section healing, lactation or other medical nutrition therapy.



If you have an older baby, toddler, pre or elementary schooler: 


🌱 A little something for you! Feel like a healthier you in just 5 minutes a day. Try this Free 5 Day Refresh.

 🌱 Sign up for virtual personal training with Beth. 

 🌱 Meet with Beth for Private Nutrition Counseling (likely covered by your insurance).

(Read about general nutrition counseling here).


🌱 Join The Refresh The 6 month program to help you fit in exercise and eat better - while being a parent.

  • Get achievable nutrition & fitness guidance IN REAL TIME from a supportive expert and a fellow-parent-in-the-trenches.
  •  Spend 5 minutes or less on the app to get your action steps for the week. (No need to do extra prep!)
  • 👯 🗣 Join a weekly small group zoom call to get support from Beth along with your community. (As of winter 2023 calls are Tuesdays from 12:30-1:30pm - subject to change.)
  • 📝 Optional: Access sooooooo many bonus resources in your app so you can get workout ideas, grocery lists, recipe inspo, and more!



If you are some combination of the above:

And don't know where to start → Let's connect.


psst. Have you heard of the Perinatal Partners directory? Check it out!





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