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Hydration Goals

nutrition Dec 15, 2022

Set - and hit - your hydration Goals 

For starters, there's nothing like that "ahhhh" feeling after a cool glass of water. 


But if being refreshed is not your thing, here are some other reasons to hydrate:


  • Water helps you maintain a healthy weight naturally
  • It creates glowing skin and a great smile (And who doesn't want that?)
  • Can help reduce headaches; regulate body temperature
  • Hydration can lift you into a positive mood!
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Improves overall function and performance
  • Think of your body as a sponge. When a sponge is dry, it can be easily torn in half. When that same sponge is full of water it can bend and twist and is so much more functional!  If you are sitting around all day and are dehydrated, it is no wonder that your back aches and you feel wrung out and fatigued by the end of the day.


Your HYDRATION GOAL should be ...

~half your body weight in ounces.

For example, if you weigh 150 lbs., your hydration goal should be 75 ounces per day.


Which fluids count:

  • Non-caffeinated beverages
  • Some caffeinated beverages up to a point (don't go over 6mg/kg of your body weight in caffeine)
  • Soups, fruits and water-rich vegetables also count!


 Your Hydration Plan 

Step 1: Determine your gateway water bottle.

Are you more likely to chug water out of...

... a cup with a straw?

... a motivational or high tech bottle?

... ice cold in a Swell or Yeti bottle? 

... with lemon or berries inside

... when it's hot? Like in tea? Or in a decaf coffee?

... If it comes in soup form?


Step 2: Make sure you own that bottle

If you don't. Order one. NOW!


Step 3: Make it convenient

X  Is it annoying to carry your bottle back and forth from place to place? Get two! 

X  Do you love fruit in your water but never have fresh fruit? Use frozen fruit!

Write down the the road blocks preventing you from getting enough fluids.  

                 Share them with us and we'll help you troubleshoot! 

                 (But TBH, you'll probably figure out your own solution as you type out your excuses.)


Step 4: Drink up!

  • Still having trouble? Have fun by playing a drinking game. Drink every time someone stands up -- or acknowledge other things happening in your orbit.
  • Download a water tracking app, so you'll always know how much fluid you're taking in. Here is a silly one and here is a serious one
  • Get a water drinking buddy and compete. At minimum, it will make the water cooler walk more interesting (that is, if you like them).


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